Award Categories

Awards Nomination Categories
Deadline for Nominations 14th February 2022

Education and Thought Leadership

This award aims to reward the consultancy or provider that has shown effort in helping corporates and employers understand the complex world of pensions and investments.

Sustainability Provider of the Year

This is meant to recognize the providers who are leading their way in these crucial areas and will showcase how their products and initiatives ensure livability and their measured results.

Diversity & Inclusion Category

It aims to reward those firms that best promote diversity and inclusion within their own workforce as well as those who have contributed to industry-wide initiatives in this area.

Pension Technology Award

This will recognize those firms that have shown competent skills in the field of pensions technology and data management.

Best Investment Strategy

We will reward those pension schemes that have implemented an investment strategy that sets the standards for the industry to follow.

The Innovation Award

It aims to reward those providers that have truly added value to the pensions’ space with its originality and innovation ideas.

Pension Law Firm of the Year

We seek out those law firms that not only serve the pensions space, with the highest of standards, vigour and a true dedication but also meeting the needs of its clients

Pension Scheme of the Year

We seek to recognize those pension schemes that go beyond areas of investment, communication and scheme design to meet their member needs.

Personality of the Year

We aim to recognize those individuals that had an influential role in the Kenya Pension’s sphere.

Pension Marketing Campaign of the Year

This award recognizes those firms, pension funds or associations that have developed leading-edge, relevant and effective marketing campaigns in the Kenya pensions space, which aim to raise awareness of their specific offerings to the market, or raise awareness of a particular theme.